Strategies To Prevent Hep-C

According to recent statistics, chronic liver disease is the tenth leading cause of death among the adults of United States which accounts for approximately 25,000 deaths annually, i.e., 1 % of the total number of deaths. Some of the recent studies indicate that 40% of chronic liver-related diseases are due to the Hepatitis C Virus, resulting in an estimated deaths amounting to about 8000 to 10000 per year.

Early Signs And Symptoms

It has been seen hat the incubation period for the Hepatitis C virus is generally between 2 weeks to 6 months. The cause of concern is that after the initial infection, nearly 80% of people do not display any symptoms. However, there are a few non-specific symptoms that are presented but are difficult to attribute to the problem.

Why You Should Get Tested?

Hepatitis C is quite dangerous if not diagnosed on time. And with not many people having access to proper medical and healthcare services, the disease has turned out to be dangerous even in its nascent form. Hepatitis C is a dangerous disease to take on with an estimated 71 million infected people on a global scale and an approximate of 399,000 people losing their lives to this disease every year.

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Hepatitis C: A Deadly Disease

Did you know that hepatitis C is 10 times more infectious than HIV/AIDS? This serious, silent, and often deadly disease affects 1 in 12 people worldwide. Street youth and marginalized persons such as injection drug users and prison inmates are at greater risk of contracting hepatitis C. Although hepatitis can result in liver failure, cirrhosis and cancer, it can be cured if treated early. You could have it and not know it — know your status, get tested for hepatitis C.

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