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Interested in learning about ALERT's newest project?  Starting 1/1/09, we are launching the "Social Network Access Project" or SNAP for short. 

SNAP aims to increase the number of people at-risk for HIV who get tested and learn their status, by using volunteer Recruiters to recommend HIV testing to their friends, family, sex and drug using partners.  SNAP is focusing on reaching two groups with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS:  heterosexual African American/Black men and women 18 to 45 years old, and men who have sex with men (MSM) of any race/ethnicity. 

SNAP is not an HIV outreach or education project. Recruiters approach only those people they know (or know well enough) to suggest HIV testing.  People in the Recruiter's friend/family/partner networks are called "Associates".  

When an Associate agrees to get tested, the Recruiter gives the him/her a SNAP Referral Card or personally escorts them to the ALERT Health office.  As an incentive to seek HIV testing, Associates receive VIP treatment at ALERT Health's office. VIP treatment includes:

  • 100% walk-in service
  • No waiting
  • Private area to complete registration forms
  • First available counselor

People who are interested in becoming a Recruiter should first watch the SNAP Orientation Video.

Agencies serving high-risk HIV negative and/or HIV+ clients who might be interested in becoming a Recruiter can contact the SNAP Coordinator, Jon Kelly, at 305.893.7992 x105.

Click the 'play' button to start the video.

SNAP Video

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