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jon: project coordinator

2010 - 2011 NEWS  SUMMARIES

jamal is BACK!

The Story of Jamal Appleseed is a comic series written by and for minority young adults.  Jamal Appleseed / Issue #2

We now have our second installment of Jamal (supported by a grant from Dade Community Foundation.)

Here's our online version for your viewing pleasure!  First, read the comic then please take the SURVEY because it's YOU, our readers who tell us whether we're on the right track! We also want your ideas us create the storyline for future issues. 

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pioneer winter nominated for young activist award

June 2010: Andi Thomas, executive director just submitted Pioneer Winter's nomination to the Mario Savio Young Activists Award program.

This national program provides a $6,000 award split between the nominee and his/her organization in recognition of outstanding achievement in addressing social, health and economic justice issues.

"Reaching The Surface" was Pioneer's first independent project. He used both his artistic and public health backgrounds to address stigma, infidelity, domestic violence, HIV diagnosis and treatment costs.  Wish both Pioneer and ALERT Health luck! 

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alert health USES THE ARTS TO challenge STIGMA

June 2010: ALERT's newest project called "Reaching The Surface" is a blend of contemporary dance, spoken word and live music to increase awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS stigma. Artists both affected and infected by HIV  entertained and educated through compelling and relatable stories.

The performances were open to the public and free, targeting two of Miami-Dade's highly-impacted neighborhoods: 

  • June 4, 2010 @ 8pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Plaza, 770 NE 125 Street, North Miami, 33161. Reception follows at ALERT Health.

  • June 5, 2010 @ 8pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Center,  260 NE 59 Terrace, Miami, 33137. Reception follows in the theatre lobby. 

"Stigma is a community-wide issue that prevents thousands from seeking needed services" said Andi Thomas, ALERT Health's executive director.  Lifelong professional dancer and Reaching The Surface Artistic Director Pioneer Winter, MPH added "The  performances will spark raw emotions, inspire new beliefs, and hopefully begin a healing for all."

Reaching The Surface sponsors include the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the City of North Miami with support from a host of community partners including North Miami's Mayor Andre Pierre, Councilman Scott Galvin and world-renowned dancer and choreographer Robert La Fosse.

Join us for a dynamic and entertaining evening.

For more information, please contact Pioneer Winter at 305.893.7992 x106.

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jamal  appleseed issue #1

To read the Jamal Appleseed / Issue #1first issue of Jamal Appleseed, click below or stop by our office to pick up a few (one for you and some for your friends).


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New year and new look

We are proud to announce the redecorating of our waiting area in honor of the passing of Honey & Cody. We asked that our friends/family donate for this upgrade so our clients would feel more welcome.

Above is the picture of the "old" waiting room. Take a look at the below photo gallery to see how your donations uplifted our look and spirits.  We graciously thank all of the individual and corporate donors who helped us memorialize our much loved co-workers and family.

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goodbye to Cody & Honey

ALERT Health lost two of our staff family in July 2009.  Please honor them by reading about their contributions to our organization and to our lives....

beloved cody: 1987 - 2009

Dear Friends,

It's with deep sadness that I let you know that my son and loyal co-worker Cody Logan Thomas  passed away on 7/22/09 at the young age of twenty-two.

Many things can be said about Cody. He was friendly and loving, thoughtful and empathic, with a compassionate nature that would always shine through.

Cody was charming with a warmhearted, gentle way of bringing out the best in all of those around him.  He was imaginative, ingenious, clever and a “novel” thinker.  He was truly one-of-a-kind and could always put a smile on your face.

Raised in Plantation, Florida, Cody made friends easily throughout his life and was loyal to them all. He was sensitive to the world around him, always putting others first, especially his family.  Even as a child, Cody possessed the unique ability to light up any room. Whether his peers were older or younger or from different backgrounds, he was a friend to all.

Cody was an integral part of the non-profit family business - ALERT Health, working with his mother (Andi), Nana (Honey) and sister.  He was always thinking outside of the box and that made the organization stronger.  His family considered it an honor and a blessing to have worked side-by-side with him as he grew personally and professionally into a fine young man.

In his spare time he loved riding his Harley, fishing and getting tattooed. However, to Cody, the most fun to be had was simply spending time with his girlfriend Ashlei, his many friends and his family. He genuinely enjoyed sharing his passions with others.

He constantly strived to make his family proud in every aspect of his life and connected deeply with his Nana, Honey Rosen, who preceded him in death by one week. Cody leaves behind him a legacy of life-long friendships and cherished memories. Everyone whose lives he touched will dearly remember Cody Logan Thomas.

Much like his Nana, Cody would have wanted his friends to donate in his name to ALERT in lieu of flowers or other gifts.

Services were held at Forest Lawn Chapel in Davie  on 7/25/09.  Cody was laid to rest In The Arms of God.

Please watch Cody's Memorial Video...

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beloved honey: 1930 - 2009

Dear Friends,

I want you to know that my beloved mother and co-worker Honey passed away peacefully Tuesday morning 07/14/09 after a long battle with cancer. 

Honey lead an exciting and full life. She was a full-time working mother (back when that wasn't cool), an active member of her temple, a model, an actress, a private pilot, a real estate broker, a healthcare administrator overseeing several multi-specialty clinics in Dade and Broward Counties, and finally, Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health's senior counselor providing support and care for people affected/effected by chronic hepatitis C.

Honey was "larger than life" and a tremendous role model. Although she had many high-profile and profitable jobs throughout her life, she would tell you that helping people as a hotline counselor gave her more profound personal and spiritual fulfillment than any job she ever had.

Anyone who had the honor of speaking with Honey through the national Hep-C hotline should know that she could recall your exact conversation without a moment's hesitation - even years later because each person she counseled became family. Honey family. Despite her declining health, she continued to staff the hotline through the end of May.

True to her character, Honey asked that we not hold a memorial service but rather come together to celebrate her life and to heal each other.

We will be “Celebrating Honey” at her home Saturday, July 18th, 2009 between 11am - 2pm.  I hope that you can join us. Nothing fancy, just good food, good memories and good company. Just the way she would like it. 

For those who may not know, Honey is my mother. For more than a decade, we worked side-by-side for this cause. When my children became adults, they joined the organization as well. I think that's something really special. She did too.

With my warmest regards,


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