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ALERT Health's mission is to improve the health and quality of life for people at risk for chronic disease, by providing accessible, integrated preventive health services.

We remain dedicated to raising awareness of, and assisting people affected by Hepatitis C.



ALERT Health applies IMPACT values to everything we do: Innovation, Measurement, Partnerships, Accessibility, Client Satisfaction, and Teamwork.


Innovation: ALERT Health is a front-runner in identifying needs, then developing, testing, and implementing solutions. Innovation requires an organization-wide willingness to take measured risks and direct the resources to see each effort through to completion.


Measurement:  The ongoing collection of performance and outcomes data identifies new opportunities and documents current results. Examples of measurement include: demographic data, risk assessments, action plans, vaccination records, and client surveys. Our measurement never intrudes in direct client contact and never compromises client confidentiality.


Partnerships: Partners are important assets for ALERT Health.  Our partnerships with funders, public, and private health institutions/corporations provide vital resources that help ALERT Health achieve its goals. Examples of current partners are: Dade Community Foundation, Jackson Health System, Florida Department of Health (HIV and Hepatitis contracts, chlamydia/gonorrhea screening), Women & Teens Health Care, and pharmaceutical companies.


Accessibility: The leap from thinking about preventive healthcare - to taking action - requires the proximity and availability of services. ALERT Health overcomes these barriers by providing its services during traditional and non-traditional hours, in three different languages, free of charge, and without appointments. Furthermore, ALERT provides integrated services, thus reducing the need for clients to travel to other agencies for different types of tests or treatment.


Cient Satisfaction: World-class customer service is a core philosophy for ALERT Health. This philosophy is conveyed through our friendly and professional staff, office décor, and rapid service. Client Satisfaction is measured continuously, and results reviewed and acted upon immediately. ALERT believes that each client encounter is an opportunity to create a peer-promoter who not only supports the organization and the value of preventive health, but actively communicates these values to their family and friends.


Teamwork: Teamwork is the heart of ALERT’s success. Each staff is cross-trained and serves as part of one or more teams. Teams work as independent, but interconnected units, responsible for successfully achieving the objectives of the organization.


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