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national hotlines

877.HELP4HEP and 866.4HEPHIV -  Established 1999, ALERT’s national hepatitis  C and HCV/HIV health education and referral hotline is renowned for getting questions answered.  From basic hep-101 facts to obscure bits of info, the hotline staff are ready to help.

health education

Training both patients and health professionals is a vital  step in improving the quality of care for everyone affected by viral hepatitis. 

ALERT training programs focus on the specific needs of each group. To request a program to fit your needs, dial extension 101 or 105.

safer sex supplies

Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health provides a variety of free safer sex supplies including "basic" and specialty condoms and lubricants.

state & national advocacy

Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health is on the leading edge of local, state and national initiatives to improve viral hepatitis public health policy.  Included is leadership level participation in the:

Write your legislator!  More...

free or low-cost counseling & testing

Free or very low-cost confidential risk assessment, informed consent, pre-test counseling, testing, post-test counseling and referral for medical evaluation.

  • Rapid HIV testing (same-day results)

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea ($20)*

  • Syphilis ($5)

  • Viral hepatitis (A, B & C) ($10)

  • Obesity screening

  • Blood pressure screening

  • Cholesterol screening

  • Glucose screening

*Chlamydia/gonorrhea tests are free for 15 to 24 year old females

free hepatitis a & b vaccination for adults

123-NoMi project offers free hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccinations to at-risk adults (18 years old and above) living in northeast Miami-Dade county. Refer to the "frequently asked questions" page to see if you should get vaccinated. 

HPV (cervical cancer) vaccination adult women

Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health offers the new cervical cancer vaccine called Gardasil® to women between 19 and 26 years old. HPV (human papillomavirus) is the infectious agent responsible for nearly 70% of all cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts.

Gardasil® is given in three doses over a six-month period. Each dose costs  $120. Income-eligible women can get the vaccine series for free.

Women that do not qualify for the free vaccine can get a 30% discount by paying $250 for all three doses at their first visit. 

group screening events

Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health custom-designs education and baseline viral hepatitis  testing programs for employer groups, unions, and public gatherings throughout the country. We're able to travel anywhere in the U.S. or provide supportive services to existing programs.  We offer a low-cost solution to your testing needs.  To design a program for your group, dial extension 101 or 105.

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