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andi: executive director

January 2007: Now celebrating its tenth year of continuous operation, Hep-C ALERT has a proven record of accomplishment. Complementing this growth is a revitalized mission and new “all-encompassing” organization name: ALERT Health, Inc. and a mission "to improve the health and quality of life for people at risk for chronic disease, by providing accessible, integrated, preventive health services.

Founded as Hep-C ALERT, the organization was a pioneer in the hepatitis C field. As one of the handful of hep-C focused nonprofits in the U.S., the organization developed its own client care management software, staff training curriculum and conducted several major projects including studies focusing on firefighters and paramedics and on recovering substance abusers.  Other innovative project, including HCV treatment case management, a national toll-free hepatitis C hotline, training for prevention professionals and case managers, and peer-support groups, comprise the portfolio of our hep-C specific services. 

Prior to locating in North Miami in 2001, access to preventive health services was difficult at best for this area’s residents. It became very apparent that hepatitis C was not the only problem facing our community. Common barriers to preventive health services included distance to clinic sites, lack of transportation, lack of knowledge about available services, lack of insurance or money, long waiting lines, and long waits for appointments. 

Since 2002, ALERT strategically expanded its scope of services to meet the needs of the community it serves, with one success building on another.  By removing barriers to preventive care, such as offering services during traditional and non-traditional hours, in three different languages, free of charge, without appointments, and in a comfortable home-like office setting, the organization increased the number of people served each month by 520% over the past three and one half years.

More importantly: ALERT's clients are offered a variety of counseling and screening options during a single encounter. The options include counseling and testing for hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, and STDs; on-site treatment for bacterial STDs; and vaccination to prevent liver and cervical cancers. This cost-effective integration of services is well-received by clients, and removes yet another barrier to maintaining good health.

ALERT Health's board, management and staff pledge to remain expert hepatitis C providers and advocates. We are building on our success, not abandoning our focus. Our specialized hepatitis C services will continue uninterrupted with the same enthusiasm and dedication as before.

We invite you to spend a few minutes learning about ALERT Health, and encourage you to contact us for more information. 

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